Greywater Diverter  

Matala® Progressive Filtration Technology Applied in
Aqua2use® Greywater Diverter 

Its progressive depth filtration increases the sludge-holding capacity and prevents anticipated clogging.

Matala® progressive filtration technology applied in Aqua2use® Greywater diverter (model type : Aqua2use® GWDD, GWDD UG)
Matala progressive filtration technology applied in Aqua2use Greywater diverter
Aqua2use® Greywater Diverter utilizes filter pads of various densities, including the most coarse Matala® filter black pad, medium density green pads, high density blue pads, and super high density grey pads. These filter pads work together to use the technologies of cross-flow depth filtration and multichamber plug flow.

When the first chamber (ch. 1) of two Matala® filter pads gets clogged, the water overflows to the second chamber. This redistributes the water cross-flow through the Matala® green and blue filter pads in the second chamber (ch. 2). When ch. 1 and ch.2 get clogged, the water will overflow to the third chamber (ch.3), re-distributing water cross-flow through Matala® blue and gray pads. When all three chambers of the Matala® filter pads are all plugged, the water overflows to a sewage or septic tank. 
Filtered water for lawn and garden out
Unit tested in a caravan park, Australia: Matala® Greywater Diverter checked after filtering 40,000L (10,567 gallons) of incoming greywater. This system was used with the public shower rooms and laundry facilities.
Greywater Flow Direction
The pictures attest to the high filtration efficiency achieved with the progressive density Matala® filter pads. The filter can hold a huge volume of hair, lint, sand, soap residue, and other particles.