Aqua2use® Greywater Treatment system (Aqua2use® GWTS) Greywater reclaim installation example 1:

Unit installed in Shanghai Taicang industrial park, China

The greywater is collected from the company staff dormitory, the laundry unit and the office kitchenette wash basin,

Picture 1. Aqua2use® GWTS1200 is installed outside the office building.

Picture 2. Daily, about 1065L (280 gallons) of Greywater is harvested from the staff dormitory showers and laundry on the 2nd and 3rd floor as well as the wash basins of the office on the first floor. All points of harvest are connected to a common drain.

Picture 3. This common drain flows into an Aqua2use® GWDD that pre-filters the greywater and pumps it into the Aqua2use® GWTS1200 for further biological treatment and disinfection.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3

Aqua2use® Greywater Treatment system (Aqua2use® GWTS) Greywater reclaim installation example 2:
Aqua2use GWTS1200 installed in ZCB(Zero carbon building) Hong Kong
There are two units of Aqua2use GWTS1200 have been exclusively selected for the building’s greywater recycle.

The 1st Aqua2use GWTS1200 is installed in ZCB basement (Water treatment area: includes waste water, grey water and rainwater). That is the main demonstration area for water treatment.

The 2nd Aqua2use GWTS1200 is installed in the office entrance next to a toilet.

Closing up picture on ZCB (Zero Carbon Building) where one of the Aqua2use GWTS1200 installed.

Installation site Aqua2use GWTS1200 Aqua2use Prefilter
Aqua2use GWTS1200 back wash outlet connect to sewage A flow sensor is installed in the treated water outlet
to send signal to BMS
Aqua2use Prefilter connection to GWTS1200 the BMS display panel
Project Installed by Electro-Orient Engineering Ltd.
Ms. Vitia Ho/G.M. Electro-Orient Engineering Ltd. (right)
Mr. Richard Yo / C.O.O Aqua2use Dept. Matala Water Technology Co., Ltd. (left)